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Helping to provide homes for homeless peopleA group of housing associations that were formed in the Cathy Come Home era, came together in 2016 to mark the 50th anniversary of Cathy Come Home and to highlight the continuing needs of homeless people. The Homes for Cathy group has been organising a range of local and national events over the last two years, with the aim of ending homelessness. The group works alongside the National Housing Federation, Shelter, Crisis and other groups campaigning for homeless people. Previous work with the media, members of the House of Lords and the Cardboard Citizens Theatre workshop, can be seen on this website.

The group would welcome the involvement of other housing associations who would like to highlight the problem of homelessness and raise awareness of the need for more affordable homes across the UK.  They should contact David Bogle of Hightown Housing Association at


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Real Cathy Stories: Meet Martin ...

Martin found himself with nowhere to live after a series of personal hardships spiralled him into homelessness and unemployment.

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